Dbq on Wethersfield Conniticut

Topics: Government, Wealth, Democracy Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: January 2, 2013
In Wethersfield, Connecticut between 1750 and the 1780’s the town was becoming more democratic in Political, religious ideas, and less so in property distribution. People who wanted democracy at the time were looking for equality, and the opportunity to succeed while being in a free society. With new people getting access to government positions, religious bickering put to a rest, and organized town meetings, people were going in the right direction.

The political changes that took place in Wethersfield at the time was, the ability for people to get a spot in town office, a more level distribution of people in the government, and the fact that people listened. On Document G, a graph showing the distribution of people with political status is shown. The graph shows that more and more people are gaining access. On document H, it is shown that people are actually taking advantage. With the top 10 percent dropping from 67% of office in 1751-1756 to 40% between 1771-1776. Document H also shows that the top 20% of people control 77% percent of town office. This can show that people with money are still controlling the government, but 13% more people from the 7th and 8th deciles of people in office, up from 0 between 1751-1756. On document L, it is stated that a man has had his stamp office taken over by tho people of town because of a new tax. The people treat him like everyone else: “I was told repeatedly that they had no intensions of hurting me or my estate; but would use me as a gentleman” This shows that yes the people were mad, but they could now do it in a civil controlled manor. Since they were under control the people were able to get their way, and made people listen.

Religious freedom was a very touchy subject in England, in the new land, people did not have to attend church services, and one church could no overthrow another church. On document K, 2 new laws are enforced. One of them is about how the state taxes church. The actually stated that no...
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