Debate Principles, Motions and Explanations

Topics: Terrorism, Government, Abortion Pages: 14 (4683 words) Published: June 16, 2013
MOTION: TH would assassinate Dictators
SIDE: Government
EXPLANATION: Assassination can be defined as the targeted killing of an individual for political reasons in peacetime. It can be undertaken by individual citizens, or by the agents of another state, but in either case it takes place without any legal process. Why is ther a need in doing such? The setting up of this principle is in the method of necessary evil if it really cause harm than good. Likewise, the assassination can be done by another agent of the state in such a way that the law obtaining in the region has he influence of another state to do such. If the dictator obviously harm the citizens and when they’d agreed upon, they can assassinate dictator in such a way that with valid reason that causes the people to rebel.

MOTION: THW Secretly Monitor Suspicious Individuals
SIDE: Government
EXPLANATION: I believe that if there is a real probable cause for the government to investigate a specific person then they should use all resources needed including tapping into an individuals cellphone, web cam, or any other form of technology they see that will help with their investigation. Honestly I would not care if they watched over my actions, even if I was not guilty of the crime they are investigating me on, because all they will be looking for is illegal activity and will not really care to much about what you do in your home. Yes, some people think it is an issue of invading your privacy, and it is, but do you really think that whoever in the government is watching you really cares about anything you are doing in your home as long as it is legal? So when it comes down to it I think that if monitoring is need then the government should do it because I know that I for one will not be commiting any crimes that would lead to me being monitored so I have nothing to worry about and neither do you as long as you don't make yourself a suspect.

MOTION: THBT War is a necessary evil
SIDE: Government
EXPLANATION: War is a necessary evil, because peace is not possible without the paradox possibility of violence. Parents like to tell kids that violence has never solved anything. But, history argues otherwise. In fact, violence has been used to solve more problems than any other means in history. The Nazi problem was solved through incredible violence. The United States very independence was founded through violence. Civilized debates, persuasive discussions, diplomacy, and even economic pressures should always be employed first and foremost. But, war and violence, while a last option, should still be an option.

MOTION: THBT Investing in gold is a wise financial decision
SIDE: Government
EXPLANATION: I think that investing in gold is a wise financial decision, as long as it is part of a diversified investment strategy. Historically, the value of gold has fluctuated a good deal. When other investments are not doing so well, often, gold will show a great increase in value. Alternately, when other investments, such as stocks and bonds, are doing well, gold and other precious metals may fall in value. So, while I agree that investing in gold is a wise financial decision, I think it should be paired with other investments for an overall positive wealth position. MOTION: THW Mandate Public high schools to focus more on teaching practical skill tests, such as balancing checkbooks and investing, versus subjects such as History and Art SIDE: Government

EXPLANATION: I agree that public high schools should start to focus more on practical skills because children should leave high school with skills they can use in the real world.
Public high schools need to teach practical skill sets. Students are leaving high school without the ability to live on their own, if need be. Even college graduates aren't able to do simple things such as file their own taxes and read their credit card statements. Many high schools...
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