Declaration of Principles and State Policies Principles Under Philippine Constitutuon

Topics: Government, Public administration, New Public Management Pages: 11 (3241 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Public Administration- is concerned with the institutional framework of the government, its socio-economic and political milieu, and the behavior of the individuals who man the bureaucratic machine.

Characteristics of Public administration

1. Is a cooperative group effort in a public setting
2. Covers all three branches - executive, legislative, and judicial – and their interrelationship 3. Has an important role in the formulation of public policy and is thus a part of the political process 4. Is different in significant ways from private administration.

Public vs. Private Administration

|Public Administration |Private Administration | |Broad field of administration |Limited field of administration | |With public trust and accountability |Not based on public trust and accountability | |Relatively routine decision making |Unlimited in decision making process | |Maintenance of internal status quo |Dynamic entrepreneurship | |Actuation subject to public criticism |Not normally subjected to public criticism | |Government corporations restriction by requirements of fiscal accountability |No such restriction | |foreign to corporate devise | |

The Role of Public Administration in Modern Society

The prime objective of emerging or developing countries as well as of the revitalizing old states is to reinforce themselves so as to be adoptable to existing circumstances and influences. To attain this situation, an effective system of public administration is very important.

In its new role as change agent, public administration significantly contributes in shaping both the aspiration and expectation of the people in its efforts to improve their quality of life.

The basic role of Public Administration is to provide an effective system for the achievement of national goals and objectives of the government. A government survives when it provides good public administration. Public administration is good when the people find in the government the full expression of popular will.

Service to the people is the basic foundation of the government, of which public administration is an essential tool. The government must not only make known its actuations to meet the people’s essential needs and desires but it must also make the people understand its ways. This can only be possible if lines of communication are kept open between the government and various sectors of the society.

The survival of government depends primarily on its public administration, an essential tool of government. Its role in society, regardless of time, revolves around the concept of public service.

The machinery of the government must, at all time, be attuned to implement the government’s programs for the welfare of the people, and be fully understood by the people in this effort. The people, as a result, will support and cooperate in attaining the objectives of the different programs being undertaken by the government. Thus, the people are expected to give their personal loyalty, faith and confidence in the government which they need to succeed.

Government exists to serve the needs of the public. Public Administration exists to ensure those needs are served effectively,...
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