Democracy vs. Dictatorship

Topics: Democracy, Government, Autocracy Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: February 18, 2011
I choose democracy as a more efficient type of government over dictatorship for these three simple reasons right her equal rights for all people, political freedom, and freedom of choice. I know you as a reader notice how every reason has the word freedom in it. This is because with a dictatorship there is no freedom, which show the ovbious reason why democracy is suprior.

Democracy is a system of government in which political authority is held by the people. Democracies typically feature constitutional governments with majority rules. This is to keep they peace among the people "they equally voted for whoever or whatever".

Freedom of expression in a dictatorship doesn't exist. With a dictator if you disargee with him/she you know that your better off not saying anything, because with a militarylistic type of ruler most likely your either imprsioned or killed. Freedom of expression is important mainly because if you only have one view of something how could it not be one sided, without oppions you'll never come up with a plan that suits everybody that can be effected.

Political freedom is way be on important. Not being able to choose who runs the place where you live is like paying rent for someone esle's apartment. You have no say in what goes on wither it be about war, taxes, and even sometimes rules.

Can you even picture life without your freedom of choice? This means you dont get to choice where you live, jobs, what you want to be, and etc. "Shoot" if your dictator doesn't want you to speak english anymore and you don't know any other language then you just dont talk. Can you imagine living like that?

So I conclude that freedom of choice, political freedom, and freedom of expression are some major reasons for the supriority of an democracy over an dictatorship. If you don't believe that it's better then go to Cuba and live with Castro and see how you like it. Then write me and tell me how you feel about, because your under his rule now if he doesnt...
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