Democratic Government and Monarchy

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Democratic Government and Monarchy
The types of system of government Democracy and Monarchy are different from each other. The actual founder of the modern democracy was John Locke, who argued with Thomas Hobbes, the one who believed that one person king or queen should rule. Government has been an issue throughout time. Many different governments have been established, demolished and replaced over the time, but the question is which one is better? In democracy they give the people more freedom, and more voice to choose what is best for them, however in absolute power the ruler gets to choose what is good for the people or not. It’s becoming hard to decide the type of government system is best suitable for the society we live in. Monarchy and democracy both have advantages, and disadvantages, indeed; government is never established without them.

Let’s first look at Monarchy. Monarchy is a system of government ruled by king or queen. People follow the throne; members of the ruling family. The ruler decides, and gets to choose the best for country. Otherwise, there are some punishments given to the people. The system of monarchy is been established in many places throughout the time in different places. One of the big places is England where this system is still accepted even in this postmodern twenty first century. England has had good and bad kings, queens and both. One of the kings that England had was by the name of Henry the VIII, who comes in the bad category of the rulers. Henry the VIII was a good king, however his secretive, acquisitive, and untrusting qualities lead to downfall. He went against the church in order to execute one of the sixth wives “Anne Boleyn” for not producing a male heir to his throne. When Henry VIII died his only son Henry IX succeeded him. When his son died, Henry the VIII’s first daughter Mary, ascended the throne. She was raised as a catholic and was intent to make the entire country of Catholic, and then she earned the...
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