Describe the impacts of a communicable disease on the economic development of a country and lifestyle of people. (10 marks)

Topics: Africa, HIV, Infectious disease Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: November 6, 2013
A communicable disease is an illness that is transmitted through contact with, people, animals, food, surfaces, and the air that are carrying the microorganisms that are able to pass infectious illnesses from one host to another. This contact or exchange of fluids that are contaminated may be enough to spread a communicable disease. An example of this is the HIV virus.

HIV can affect counties in many of ways, however the areas that are most affected is the economic development of that country and the lifestyle of the population, there are various factors that affect both these areas and through these they can be linked together as one affects the other.

HIV causes a huge increase in the mortality rate of a country; this can affect economy through the labour industry within that country. The increasing mortality and illness of a countries population can reduce labour supplies as there are less people able to work, especially in Malawi’s agricultural workforce as it is 14% smaller then it would be without HIV. There are also food insecurities that come with the smaller workforce in agriculture, as it becomes neglected due to the illness. This creates massive financial burdens within the country, as the tax revenue falls and the GNP for countries drop the government is out under pressure to increase spending in health care to deal with the HIV illness. This is clearly shown in African countries as many of them are already struggling with development goals.

Along with the economic struggles, the people within countries affected by HIV are further impoverished, as they are stripped from their families assets and income through death of family members that were the only members to bring in the income for the whole family. Through the neglect of agriculture, the price of food increases, although many families are no longer able to buy enough food. In South Africa for most households 21% of the income is spent on clothing, 16% on electricity and 63% on other...
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