Describe Your Most Significant Contrubition Towards the Public Interest

Topics: Government, Public relations, Public policy Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Current international situation poses several challenges to governments around the world. Governments and Society are discovering the need to understand each other are becoming more indispensible than ever. This is to enable and sustain their nations and business interest in a rapidly globalising and ever more challenging world. In government, public relations specialists—who may be called press secretaries, information officers, public affairs specialists, or communication specialists—keep the public informed about the activities of agencies and officials. For example, public affairs specialists in government information agencies keep the public informed on policies and issues relating to their area of responsibilities. This is usually done through effective media relations.

At my organization I am a consultant of International Coorporation and Public Relations Service, which will conduct numerous interpersonal or fact to face communications with the people or targeted groups.

Our service ensures that good governance is practiced. No amount of money or effort can enhance the image of government that does practice good governance. For it to be effective it must be done with the participation of the people. It has two main tasks - to give regular information on policy, plans and achievements of the Departments and to inform and educate the public on legislation, regulations and all matters that affect the daily life of citizens.

Our service consists of 2 personnel and I have been working there for 9 monthes and for this period we have informed citizens of civil service reforms and gained their acceptance and support. We organized two round tables with representitives of mass media and number of briefings on this theme. Getting the approval and support for by-laws and initiatives under the civil service reforms. We widely informed citizens about issues, problems and actions at all levels of government so that they understand and support...
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