Developing Country and Corruption

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01. Introduction

Bangladesh is an independent country. It has gained her independence on 1971 and people struggled and laid down their lives to achieve the sovereignty.

Bangladesh is an under developing country. Like other developing countries Bangladesh has lots of problems in their way of development. Such as political violence, poverty, employment, economical imbalance and all of the problems are related with corruption.

1. What is Corruption

Corruption is one kind of behavior that deviates from the formal rules of conduct governing the procedures of someone in a position of public authority because of private-regarding motives such as wealth, power, or status.

1.1.1 One Battery Definition

Corruption is a complex and versatile phenomenon with multiple causes and effects. A strict and narrow definition of corruption, which limits corruption to particular agents, sectors or transactions. The encyclopedic and working definition used by the World Bank, Transparency International and others is that corruption is the abuse of public power for private benefit (or profit).

1.1.2 Working Definitions

Corruption is a transaction between private and public sector actors through which collective goods are illegitimately converted into private regarding payoffs (Heidenheimer et al.1989, 6). This point is also emphasized by Rose-Ackerman, who says corruption exists at the interface of the public and private sectors (Rose-Ackerman 1978), and stressed by researchers who point to the Weber Ian distinction between public and private as the foundation of non-corrupt politics and administration (Médard 1986, 1991).

In Colin Nye’s classical definition, corruption is “behavior that deviates from the formal duties of a public role (elective or appointive) because of private regarding (personal, close family, private clique) wealth or status gains“(Nye 1967:416).

1.2 Relation between A Society
People live in a society and they both are related with each other. Men have some responsibilities for the society. They are the defender of the society. But most of the people are unaware about their responsibilities. Corruption is making a society toxic. People are thinking only for their own benefits. That’s why the society is being corrupted day by day. The only responsible for corruption is people. People are doing many unethical activities for that the society is affected severely. So the relation between corruption and society is attached with each other. 1.3 Relation between A Nation

Corruption leads a country to the destruction. Corruption is a topic of interest and concern in academic circles, in the media, among people of different professions, within the civil service, among members of parliament, politicians, government officials, members of the business and financial communities, students, foreign investors, aid agencies and non-governmental organizations. In other words, the term corruption is not new to Bangladesh. The beginning place of corruption is in the society but it takes a big dimension when we think about as a nation.

2.0 Classification

Corruption has a lot of sectors in our country. It is like a part and parcel in our daily life as every day we are going through the tremendous time. Some of sectors are corrupted too badly.

2.1 By how it is classified

Corruption is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon with multiple causes and effects, as it takes on various forms and functions in different contexts. The problem of corruption has been seen either as a structural problem of politics or economics or as a cultural and individual moral problem. We can classify corruption in many sectors. The sectors are given below-

2.2 Describing the sectors distinctively

2.2.1 Educational sectors

Educational sectors are one of the most important sectors of corruption. Teachers do not take there classes properly and they influence students to go for tuitions to them. Mainly it occurs in the...
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