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Diaspora? Economy?
Diaspora means scattering or dispersion. According to the ancient Greeks, It is a scattered population with a common origin in a smaller geographic area. It can also refer to the movement of the population from its original homeland like working abroad, visiting relatives, touring around the world, representative in a particular event, a winner in a “trip to” promo, exchange student, migration and a lot more. There is one field that diaspora will affect and that is, our economy. Diaspora greatly affects our country’s economic condition. It can increase our economic rate by its advantages but it can also decrease by some disadvantages. There are advantages that will benefit to our country and to us. There are disadvantages that will really affect our country’s rate and everyone.

Economic conditions is affected by diaspora. There are advantages and disadvantages on how it will affect our economy. When you hear abroad the first thing that comes in your mind is money. It is one of the reasons of going abroad. Filipinos know that they will earn more money in other countries than in the Philippines. It helps them earn it for the future of their family. One example is our OFW. They work abroad to make money from themselves that will support their family. Some are domestic helpers, call center agents, seaman, and a lot more. This is an advantage to our country especially if our workers will send money back to the Philippines to give support to their family. The good thing is that it will be a remittance that will strongly benefit to our country’s economic growth. Money is also the root of causing disadvantages to diaspora. One is hoarding. It means keeping an object or money until such time that when you exchange those it is in a high rate. That is common to Filipinos nowadays especially those people who came to abroad and able to receive their salary. They will keep it in Dollar form until the Dollar-Peso exchange rate is high, they will exchange...
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