Difficulties in English Grammar

Topics: Linguistics, English language, Second language acquisition Pages: 11 (3445 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Specific Reasons Why Second Year Students
of MSU N – IDS have Difficulties
in Learning English Grammar

I. Introduction
A. Difficulties in learning English Grammar.
B. The specific reasons why second year students of MSU N – IDS have difficulties in learning English grammar can be the basis of idea for instructors to develop and enhance the efficiency of the students in English grammar.

II. Body
A. Importance of Grammar
1. Grammar as an enabling skill
2. Grammar as motivator
3. Grammar as a means to self – sufficiency

B. Grammar Structure
1. The parts of speech
2. Kinds of meanings realized by grammar
3. Grammar Concepts

C. Areas of Grammar
1. Grammar as rules
2. Grammar as a form
3. Grammar as a resource

D. Reasons of the Difficulties in Learning English Grammar 1. Dedication in learning English grammar
2. Language differences
3. Grammatical analysis
4. Vocabulary .progress and development

E. Effective Strategies in Overcoming Key Difficulties in Learning English Grammar 1. Recalling background knowledge
2. Recognizing new instances of a concept
3. Controlling all the critical features of a concept
4. Discriminating apparent from real instances of a concept

III. Conclusion
A. Knowing the importance of grammar as an enabling skill, a motivator, as a means to self – sufficiency, identifying the figures of speech, considering grammar as a rule, form, and a resource, and noting the grammar concepts will help lead a student to English grammar enlightenment and development. B. The random sampling survey through the questionnaires that was prepared by the researchers determined the significant specific reasons why second year students of MSU N – IDS have difficulties in English grammar.


With language changing as new elements are introduced, is grammar really that important? Academically speaking, there are certain parts of the English language and grammar which were not acceptable years ago (Febe R. 2011). Now, however, these changes are widely used and interpreted as correct. Grammar is very important, no matter how much the rules change, as it makes possible for people to communicate and understand the surrounding. There are lots of different aspects to English grammar, and each is as important as the last. It is English grammar that allows a person to be a better communicator, listener, thinker, reader and writer. Having a knowledgeable understanding of grammar, people have a potentially rewarding career in many fields of work.

Grammar style is how we communicate with others. (Febe R. 2011). Grammar ensures message is broadcast effectively and unambiguously. Correct grammar lends credibility to written documents and dialogue; it demonstrates intelligence and eloquence (Amy Quick, 2011). To put it simply, grammar is a way in which words are organized, clauses and phrases into meaningful conversation and communication. The organisation of grammar all depends on the logic. And, understanding grammar will mean a person can think more logically. Grammar without logic and organisation means a person cannot clearly put across a message. The more grammar rules a person understands, the clearer a communication is. An advanced knowledge of grammar means a person can create witty, clever and interesting pieces for people to read. This makes it easier for a person to be heard and to tell a story. Having an advanced knowledge of grammar is something a person should have.

Grammatically, English can be a very difficult language to learn. There are more grammatical nuances in English than languages such as French or Spanish, and learning to be proficient in grammar is something that even native English speakers struggle with (Kurt Larsen, 2010). Grammar itself is central to any study of language. The study of this grammar requires no preparation except knowledge of the...

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