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Stylistics, sometimes called lingvo-stylistics, is a branch of general linguistics. It has now been more or less definitely outlined. It deals mainly with two interdependent tasks: a) the investigation of the inventory of special language media which by their ontological features secure the desirable effect of the utterance and b) certain types of texts (discourse) which due to the choice and arrangement of language means are distinguished by the pragmatic aspect of the communication. The two objectives of stylistics are clearly discernible as two separate fields of investigation. The inventory of special language media can be analyzed and their ontological features revealed if presented in a system in which the co-relation between the media becomes evident. The types of texts can be analyzed if their linguistic components are presented in their interaction, thus revealing the unbreakable unity and transparency of constructions of a given type. The types of texts that are distinguished by the pragmatic aspect of the communication are called functional styles of language (FS); the special media of language which secure the desirable effect of the utterance are called stylistic devices (SD) and expressive means (EM). The purpose of this paper is to present the object and aims of linguo-stylistic and to explore different stylistic devices in Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. The first chapter of the paper is devoted to the study of linguo-stylistics and to the different types of stylistics. The second chapter deals with expressive means and stylistic devices in Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. First, we will discuss the aims of linguo-stylistics, we’ll give the definitions of the word ‘style’. Second, we will present expressive means and stylistic devices, such as Metaphors, Metonymy, Simile, Hyperboles, Irony, etc. Third, we will present some examples of the types of expressive means and stylistic devices from the novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. The conclusion presents what was done in the paper, and the results of the graduation paper. The bibliography consists of the list of references in the paper.

The underlying reason of our graduation paper is to find different types of expressive means and stylistic devices from “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, to show Oscar Wilde’s attitude towards beauty.

Each art has its own medium, i.e. its own material substance. Colors are the material substance of painting, sounds-the material substance of music. It is the language that is the material substance of literature. But language consists of colors and sounds due to the existence of expressive means and stylistic devices.

The book “The Picture of Dorian Gray” is obvious with fine exotic methods, which make us understand the originality of aestheticism as a literary movement and individuality of Wilde as the painter of art.

1.1 The object and aims of linguo-stylistics
According to the type of stylistic research we can distinguish literary stylistics and linguo-stylistics. They have some meeting points or links in that they have common objects of research. Consequently they have certain areas of cross-reference. Both study the common ground of: 1. The literary language from the point of view of its variability, 2. The idiolect (individual speech) of a writer,

3. Poetic speech that has its own specific laws.
The points of difference proceed from different points of analysis. While linguo-stylistics studies: 1. Functional styles (in their development and current state) 2. The linguistic nature of the expressive means of the language, their systematic character and their functions.

Literary stylistics is focused on
1. The composition of a work of art
2. Various literary genres
3. The writer’s outlook. (HG Widdowson, Practical Stylistics,1993 page 15)
Nearly every traditional branch of linguistics has definitely outlined objects...
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