Discuss the development of one character from the crucible essay

Topics: Government, Salem witch trials, Arthur Miller Pages: 2 (1357 words) Published: June 25, 2015
The classic play ‘The Crucible’, written in 1953 by Arthur Miller, contains many major characters that assist in embodying an idea. The play tracks the development of Reverend Hale allowing readers to understand the flawed and unwavering theocratic and authoritative governing system evident in Salem. Hale develops throughout the play, changing from an incredibly naïve and authoritative character who the readers have an aversion towards to a virtuous and righteous man who is respected for his actions by the readers. In this way, Miller is effective in developing the character of Hale throughout the acts. The Crucible is an allegorical play based upon the real life witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, 1692 and the ways in which they impacted the puritan society. Miller, by scrutinising these witch trials, makes a statement upon totalitarian reign as well as moral absolutism. On another level, Miller, through the Crucible, is making a direct attack upon McCarthyism and the accusations that he was subject to. All characters but one evolve, changing their view upon the system of governing throughout the play. One such character is Reverend Hale, who changes into a man who has broken free from societal constraints and has developed personal integrity. In Act 1, Miller portrays Hale as a highly naïve, over studious individual with little life experience and a complete belief in the theocratic rule. Hale is incredibly confident in his approach towards the eradication of witches and strongly believes that Salem has been overtaken by witches and hence Hale arrives in Salem incredibly strong willed. This is evident in the line ‘(these books) are weighted with authority’ which represents his incredibly over studious and bookish personality. His naivety is again reiterated by the line ‘have no fear now- we shall find him (devil)’ which clearly states Hale’s informed yet slightly naïve attitude as well as his arrogant approach towards the supposed witches in Salem. Another...
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