Do You Ever Wonder How the Environment Will Cope with the Growth in the World Population Plus the Rapid Economic Development of China, India, and Other "Emerging Economics"?

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Since the worlds population has risen more than 3 billion since 1970 the size of the worlds economy has increased more putting millions of people out of poverty. United Nations is projecting further population growth of 2 billion by 2050. 80 percent more energy consumption in 2050

Due to greenhouse gases that could reach to 685 parts per billion and global temperature rising 3 to 6 degrees. Urban air population would become top environment cause of premature death.

Do you ever wonder how the environment will cope with the growth in the world population plus the rapid economic development of china, India, and other "emerging economics"?

Yes, I do wonder about how the Environment will cope with the growth in the world population plus the rapid economic development of china, India, and other "emerging economics". For example how globalisation is happening and it's polluting the environment and how the population growth has taken some drastic measures.

Bad traffic on the roads, forcing our property prices to go up, clogging our roads, ruining out county side with all the new buildings coming up which is taking away more of our county side, lower Health and wealth like the amount of money used everyday, the removal of houses to build more building or roads, carbon ambitions and with all of this happening it would make out city's more and more congested and that affects the environment and how the population will become with all of these issues that would happen.

Globalisation is occurring with issues like in Bangladesh when approximately 65 thousand of electricity is used to make cotton, they use a enormous amount of water approximately 250 tons that is 1 ton which is used for cotton. Factories get priorities of more water which leaves less water for other people which i think is unfair, the gas that comes out of the factories which pollutes the environment.

Over the past few decades people's choices have unleashed an economic growth....
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