Dutch Lady internal Audit

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Dutch Lady – Internal Audit
Marketing Structures - is the current structural type correct for the environment and objectives? Marketing organization
Dutch Lady Malaysia manufactures and sells a wide range of quality dairy products and fruit juices for the home and export market such as Infant Formula, Growing-up Milk, Powdered Milk, Condensed Milk, UHT Milk, Sterilised Milk, Pasteurised Milk, Cultured Milk, Yoghurt and Fruit Juice Drinks. The Company's dairy products have a strong consumer following and are represented by strong brands such as Dutch Lady, Frisolac, Friso, Completa, Omela and Joy. (Dutch Lady, 2014)

Marketing training
In Dutch Lady Company, all directors will attended briefings and trainings to enable them to effectively discharge their duties. Directors are encouraged to attend relevant seminars and training programmes to equip themselves with the knowledge to effectively discharge their duties as Directors. The Company will, on a continuous basis, evaluate, assess and determine the training needs of its Directors. They received regular updates and briefings on regulatory, industry and legal developments, including information on significant changes in business and operational risks and procedures instituted to mitigate such risks throughout the year. (Dutch Lady, 2014)

Besides, they also offer Talent Assessment Programme and Dutch Lady Associate Programme identify potential talents with excellent leadership and managerial qualities and to build their talent pipeline. Various initiatives and investments are undertaken to improve employee competencies in soft skills and technical knowledge encompassing management, communication, safety, operational excellence and leadership. For the reason their commitment to development extends within the region via Sales and Marketing Academy Workshops and globally with the Future Leaders and Academic Potential Leadership Series. (Dutch Lady, 2014)

Intra- and interdepartmental communication
The crucial mechanism in shareholder communication for the Dutch Lady Company is the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), is the principal forum for dialogue with individual shareholders. Shareholders have direct access to the Board and are given the opportunity to ask questions during the open question and answer session prior to the moving of the motion to approve the proposed resolution. Shareholders are encouraged to ask questions about the resolutions being proposed and on the Company’s operations in general. (Dutch Lady, 2014)

Further, they offer open two-way communication channels are available to all employees through various activities and platforms. For example, the monthly MD townhall meetings are held to inform all employees of goings-on in the company and to facilitate better understanding of the Company’s objectives and directions. Employees have access to a shared portal on the Intranet, where they can gain new information on current events as well as acquire necessary documents and schedules. The Company’s internal employees’ newsletter, also known as SUARA, is published three times a year to highlight major events that have happened in the last few months. Besides, plant managers in the operations side have Daily Report Meetings every morning to keep each other informed. These are only some methods the Company employs to engage and communicate with employees. (Dutch Lady, 2014)

Operating Results – profitability and cost effectiveness analysis by product, customer, geographic region Sales
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad able to increase their revenue by 24% from year 2008 to 2012 which is around RM 170 million. Recently, Dutch Lady’s first quarter net profit for 2013 increased from the same period in 2012 by 5.6% to RM 29.02 mil due to improved sales mix and cost management (Dutch Lady, 2013).

Market share

Source ( Bursa Malaysia)
From the chart provided by bursa Malaysia, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad‟s share...
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