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1.The post cold war era seemed to be indeed promising. The people found states with the aspirations of enhancing the individual and group security. Thus internal security is the prime responsibility of a nation state for the overall national security. “The former Soviet Union had to pay heavily for their ignorance of internal matters and giving priorities to 'Perestroica' and other reforms”.[1]

2.All state to some degree is vulnerable to military and economic threats, and many also suffer from a fundamental political insecurity. The nature of security as a problem necessarily differs substantially from state to state. The different components of the state appear vulnerable to different kinds of threats, which makes national security a problem in many dimensions rather than just a matter of military defence.

3.Even the world's single power USA has changed their strategy for their concept and strategy for national security. USA today outlined the economic growth as one of the major strategy for their national security. Americans effort to enhance their security emphasises economic growth amongst three major strategies for their national security.[2] Americans national security draws upon a range of political, military and economic instruments and focuses on enhancing security, promoting prosperity at home and promoting democracy.

4.The world today seemed to have realised that there is no end to the race of power game and that endangers the existence of a nation instead of ensuring security. Security is essentially a matter of perception. Increase of one's security is at the cost of others fear of insecurity. Unfortunately, consideration of military threats had often played dominant role in setting the strategy for national security of many countries of the world. Thereby, other non-military threats had often been ignored. Now world leaders dream of a peaceful and just world order. The dominant concern of the early modern state and its principal item of expending related to mobilisation of resources in pursuit of power, chiefly by means of war with other emerging states seem to be diminishing. The non-military aspects of security are being considered with emphasis on economic growth by the most of the countries of the world now a day.

5.The network of global interdependence established by market exchange provide conditions under which a peaceful concert of nation-state can thrive. War will no longer be required because the global market provides a means of removing the causes of war-scarcity of economic resources.[3]

6.Bangladesh is stepping into a period of great promise but also into greater uncertainty with our increasing aid dependency. Not all security risks are immediate and military in nature. Troubling uncertainty exists but no clear threat remains. Transitional phenomenon such as terrorism, drug trafficking, environmental degradation, natural resources depletion, rapid population growth etc have security implications for both present and long term policy. Thus a comprehensive security option is the need of the day for the national security.

7.An exclusive military strategic approach to the study of national security is not only narrow but also misleading. A third world country like Bangladesh today is more susceptible to the non-military threats than that of the military threats. In addition, the new threats cannot be coped up militarily. Bangladesh is crippled with lots of internal non-military threats from political, social and economical perspectives. Thus non-military security issues have posed a major problem for the policy makers and administrator of the country.

8.We appear to be moving into an era in which economic dimensions loom increasingly large in security issues.[4] In present days-economic prosperity and the hope of sustained economic development are regarded as the...
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