economic globalization

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Topic:Economic Globalization and the impact on economy development at Vietnam. Sub topic 1: The impacts of Economic Globalization on VN economy. 1.1 Positive
1.2 Negative
Sub topic 2:Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnam enterprises in the process of international economic integration. 2.1 Opportunities
2.2 Challenge
How to make use of the process of international economic integration in Vietnam Conclusion

Ok. Is everyone here? Right, let’s get started.
Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for coming to my presentation today. I’m Pham Thi Thanh Thanh. And, as you know, I’m from We help people who don’t know clearly about economy to give some economic informations are quickly, easily and also very very faultlessly. Even if they never interested in the economy. In recent years, globalization has emerged as one of the most widely debated issues . Globalization is seen as facilitating increasing flows of capital, goods, services and ideas among East Asian countries, thus contributing to their high economic growth in the past decades. Vietnam also is gradually integrating economy into the international economy that begins most clearly by the fact that we have joined the WTO in November 2007. Vietnam is located in this dynamic region and is in the process of renovation, it is clear that Vietnam would enjoy considerable benefits should it further integrate itself into the regional economy and profit from the positive aspects of globalization. However, Vietnam is aware that globalization also a big challenge for Vietnam in the trend of economic globalization nowadays. So that, today I’m going to be talking to you about “Economic Globalization and the impact on economy development at Vietnam.” First of all, I'd like to outline the main points of my talk. Perhaps I should start off by making a few observations about “The impacts of Economic Globalization on Vietnam economy” And then I’d now like to turn my attention...
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