Economic prosperity of a nation in relevance to literacy in it

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Economic prosperity of a country entirely depends on the economic resources it has. These economic resources are classified as Natural resources, financial resources and Human resources. Natural resources comprise of fertile land, ideal topography, abundant forests, sufficient mineral resources and excess water supply. Financial resources include the capital needed for the economic activities. Human resources include the population, its growth rate, skills, standard of living and working capacity of the labour force. According to modern economists a country leading in natural resources has more opportunities to develop than that of a country lacking in such resources. But only abundant availability of natural resources does not make sure the economic development of a country, these resources need to be utilized at their optimum. And this is only possible when efficient manpower utilizes these resources. The developed economy of Japan is the open example in this regard whereby Japan had overcome the deficiency of Natural resources by excelling in Human resources. In other words it can be said that economic development only occurs when Natural and Financial resources are maintained properly by efficient Human resources.

On the other hand if Human resources fail to maintain Natural and Financial resources, these resources may be misutilized, underutilized or unutilized and cause economic inefficiency, for instance underdeveloped countries of the world like Afghanistan has excess of mineral resources but the economy is not developed due to lack of Human resources. Another example is Pakistan, where we have sufficient mineral resources but due to lack of skilled manpower we cannot utilize all those resources, and as a result of such we are not in the queue of developed countries.

Literacy is the key tool to make the workforce efficient. The word literacy means “a state of being able to read and write”. In a broader sense literacy is a phenomenon by which one can...
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