economics and sustainable environments

Topics: Economy, World population, Water Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Economical development has a direct relationship with pollution. The nature has resources that are limited and can be depleted over the years. It includes the elements underground, everything over ground (forests, animals, waters, energy). Human on the planet interacting with the nature in a way that affects the natural resources left for the future generation without considering that resources are limited. Energy is a fundamental unit in our lives, we cannot live without it. Although there has been a lot of developmental technologies trying to benefit human create resources but this technological and economical development has a lot of adverse effects on the nature and environmental sources. And one of the negative effects of these technological developments is pollution. Which includes air, water, light, and sound pollution. one of the most currently devastating air pollution is global warming. Air pollutions impaire the heart, lung, nervous system, and threatens the wild life. Water pollution also contaminate the drinking water, and threatens marine organisims. There has been an index for pollution which is I=P*A*T (I: pollution index, P: population, A: output affiliated, T: technology). So there are many factors that can affect the pollution of the environmental system. Over population and crowdies of human can lead to over exploitation of resources and more and more depletion and also over population can lead to the production of more wastes and more pollution. In china, since 1980 their economy has tripled in size and population has growth by 30% which means up to 6 million people. That is why china has implemented a policy of family planning; child-limit per family to restrict the population number. This is a good policy that helps in decreasing the population growth but it is unethical because women will not be able to get the sex of the child they desire. Another factor that affect the pollution is the output of the economy, the larger the output...
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