Education and Ghana's Development

Topics: Economics, Economy, Education Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: September 4, 2008
Every Ghanaian wants to live the Ghanaian dream- a dream of economic prosperity and not poverty, a dream of self-worth and dignity and not self-pity and indignity, a dream of quality education and not a watered-down one. This dream is captured in the first line of our National Anthem “God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.”

It is disheartening, melancholic, and unimaginable that Ghana, a country which once was the hope on the continent, is still struggling in her developmental efforts. It is worrisome, that after 50 years of independence, we do not have confidence in the faculties of our own people to turn around the fortunes of our country. This attitude of our governments is in sharp contrast to the vision, drive, and motivation of our forefathers who fought assiduously and relentlessly to ensure that we were emancipated from colonial rule. I believe that these heroes and heroines of ours are turning in their graves because of the backward attitudes of our elected leaders.

Instead of belittling the potentials and competencies of the citizens, they should bury their heads in shame for failing to execute programs which could have produced productive and functional citizens. I am not against privatization, but it is neither here nor there when the government hides behind the incompetence of the staff of Ghana Telecom in selling our 70% shares to Vodafone. The question is what are our governments doing to develop dynamic, efficient, and functional workforce in the country?

Was it not shocking, when a study conducted by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development, which was published on Ghanaweb revealed that 47% of teachers and head teachers in some selected public schools in the country dodge classes? The end result will be the production of lowly qualified skilled workforce. Although, this revelation is not new- it has been with us over the past several years, what are our governments doing to avert this ominous problem...
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