Education Should Be Free

Topics: Sovereign state, Education, Government Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: February 28, 2015
“Education should be free”

Education illuminates the people, Education illuminates the society and Education illuminates the whole world. This sentence can well signify the importance of education in one’s life as well as the society. It plays the pivotal role in one’s life and it is the only way that can provide with good life, career and secured future. As such, every nation of the world has given the priority to provide education to their citizens who help them in the development of their country and to get educated and cultured society, human resource, and advancement in technology and development of arts, literature, music & society. Overall, it could only be obtained if the citizens and the society are well-educated. We can see that there are many countries that have higher percentage of (up to100 %) literacy rate and are very rich, developed and peaceful, while, on the contrary, it’s quite opposite to many poorer nations which have low literacy rate. So, there are many advantages of this policy “education should be free”. With this high significance of education, many of the countries in the world have policies to give free education to their respective citizens. The first one is tha The first one is that, each citizen in the country would get equal opportunity to educate themselves regardless of their race, religion, culture and economic background. This would ensure that each and every citizen would get the warmth of the education to choose and brighten their career path, which, eventually, will pay back the nation in the form of good human resource. Secondly, each citizen would get chance to be covered by the national policy and framework. It would create and grow a sense of sensibility and responsibility towards the nation which would develop patriotism and national unity among the citizens. Thirdly, and most importantly, it would help to produce a good human resource that would help the country in advancement and development in all the sectors,...
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