Education System in World

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Education system determine the Country growth

Nowadays almost every country is concerned about developing education system as it can lead to economic growth and individual prosperity. However, substantial amounts of money spent on education not always affect country successfully.

Therefore the negative side like unemployment is important to consider.   The key problem for many young people is that after graduation they have no possibility to find a job.   Furthermore, if only high cost qualification opens doors to better job, families from poorer backgrounds can hardly improve their lives.   

Otherwise qualification can be powerful instrument for reducing poverty and inequality. In that case, the country must promote opportunities for people from all backgrounds. There are some places in the world, where not everyone has an opportunity to receive formal type of education. In fact, children have to help their parents in factories or do farm work. In other words, some young people can not choose learning even if they want it.

It is clearly seen that nations with high standard of living always provide great circumstances to attain desirable education. It seems like the only way for poorer countries to improve their process of economic growth is to pay a lot of attention to development of education system. Moreover, they must be interested in every citizen. The authorities should be interested in every citizen ensuring equal opportunities to gain knowledge.


There is no concept of progress and development without education. All development countries have high literacy rate.   * Education is a big source of evolution. It helps mankind to pass through many stages of evolution and reached to the present age of science and technology.

  * It helped the mankind to conquer the forces of nature on the earth and also explored a number of secrets of space.

  * It helped the man to understand and protect environment for healthy atmosphere.

  * It helps to understand the ideology of a nation and also suggests different measures to strengthen this ideology.

  * It creates love for the state and it is also great source of patriotism, which a helps a nation to get progress.

  * It is a source of understanding the rights and duties of a citizen, which run side by side and without them society cannot run smoothly.

  * It is a big source of developing creative abilities of a person for the betterment of societies.

  * Economy of any country cannot get progress until citizens don’t understand the economic progress of a country. Secondly economy is the base of development and progress.

  * Through education, more skilled people can be produced who can make the country developed.

  * Mineral wealth of a country contributes a lot for the development of a country. Education helps to explore and use of minerals for national development.

  * No development is possible without a skillful and trained human resource. Education plays leading role to train the people. The Local Government are responsible for many areas of the education system in their own region from Strategic Management which involves planning for the education service as a whole, the administration of committees dealing with education and considering how the budget should be distributed to gain full potential from it. They are also responsible for investigations which the authority carries out on employees or potential employees of the authority or governing bodies of schools. They Advise schools on the conditions of service for non-teaching staff and on the grading of such staff. Specific Grant-related expenditure. 

Good education system helps to achieve short term development and prosperities of country. Better education system always give opportunities to improve level of literacy ,access to higher education .Those factors are important in short term development . Moreover solid...
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