Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication
The effectiveness of communication is very important because it is what we share with others and how we share the information. Communication is everywhere, and it is used worldwide. People use communication to express emotions, feelings, and ideas. Communication is used at work, home, school, store, and just everyday task. There are many types of communication, as well as different methods that are used. In the Criminal Justice System some of the methods that make communication become effective like our verbal and non-verbal communication; learning the difference of listening to someone or hearing someone. Beside the fact on what helps communication, also the informal and formal channels of where we get our information. Due to the fact that communication is so big there are also barriers that effect communication to function how it should. With communication there are two methods that are used in criminal justice which are verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is when you gather your information by listening what others have to say. It is the communication that is done in voice. It is also when you have to say something or give a testimony of someone. In the criminal justice system verbal communication cannot reach a consensus on the exact number of styles. It is surrounded by four dimensions which are blaming, directing, persuading, and problem solving. These four dimensions are used very regularly in verbal communication. Verbal communication is not just speaking; it is also being able to listen to what others have to say. In the criminal justice field you must be able to have good listing skill, in order to verbal communicate. For example you are a police officer and you get a call that there has been a burglary. The victim is telling you what just happen and they are describing the criminals’ descriptions you must be able to hear correctly so you can make a report and find the criminal. Every detail...

References: Oral versus Written Communication: 2009, Methods for Law Enforcement, Fourth Edition by Harvey Wallace and Cliff Roberson. Retrieved on November 8, 2009.
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