Effects of Technology Essay

Topics: Internet, Instant messaging, Social network service Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Technology has had many effects on the way we live our lives today, but none so much as, in my belief, the internet. Today the Internet is used for such things as going to class. Then Internet is also used for reconnecting with people. And lastly for a more current use gaming. I have found great uses for all of these pieces of the Internet and there for I am dubbing it the most effective and beneficial piece of technology to date.

First off the Internet being used for a holding classes. Well as I am a firm believer in the old schooling method the Internet has made a headache of my recent schooling. I am use to turning papers in and getting textbooks, but those days are now becoming a thing of the past. In my most recent class I go to campus once a week to meet with fellow classmates and the instructor, but that is all that it is a meeting. Everything we do from homework to team projects are all on the internet now. My textbooks are all there and even my assignments. Although this is nice and convent I sometimes wish we went back to the old way.

Secondly is the Internet being used to reconnect with lost friends. Again I have had recent experiences with this as I have began talking with a long lost part of my childhood, a guy that is like an older brother to me. There are many sites out now that allows people to find one another and chat. These sites include myspace.com and facebook.com, both of which are free to access and use. These sites are a new form of email, which is an older form of Internet communication. There is also another form of communication via the Internet known as I M’ing or instant messenger. This is a speeder form of email that allows you to talk to the person in real time via your keyboard.

And lastly the Internet being used for gaming. As a computer and console gamer the internet has brought a different dimension to the gaming world allowing you now the ability to not only crush you friend from down the street but now the guy from...
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