Elements of Public Adminisration

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Public Administration has come to occupy a central place in the complex and fast changing modern society. Its scientific study is concerned with the role of administration in such a society. Its actual role consists in the provision of services and regulation of inter-group relations in society. Maintenance of law and order, defence, welfare of society, application of science and technology, and eradication of poverty in the developing countries engage the attention of Public Administration in the modern administrative state.

In a word, the security and independence of the state and social economic welfare of the people depend upon the effective and efficient functioning of Public Administration. When Public Administration is so important in our family life, its study is naturally worth undertaking. Public Administration is an important aspect of a more generic concept, administration.

This essay will comprise of five components. The paper will firstly consider the issue of what efficient public administration is, then secondly will expound on the aspect of Public Administration as an Organisation. Thirdly the paper will look into the Administration of Public Policies. Fourthly the issue of Resources will be discussed and eventually conclude.

Meaning of Administration
Administration can be seen as a rational human activity, which is inherent in any organised social life public or private. It occurs even in such a simple activity as” when two men cooperate to roll a stone that neither could have moved alone”. Administration consists of all those operations, which aim at the achievement of some purpose shared by two or more people. To put it differently, administration is a cooperative human effort towards achieving some common goals. It is thus a goal-oriented, purposive, cooperative, joint activity undertaken by a group of people.

Meaning of Public Administration
The word ‘public’ is used in a variety of meanings but here it means...
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