Topics: Linguistics, Traffic congestion, Language acquisition Pages: 50 (19984 words) Published: March 3, 2013
1. Some people think that a new language should be invented for people from different countries to use for the international communication. To what extent do you think its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages? 范文1 With the rapid development of modern society,we have witnessed great changes in the new era , ranging from social standardization,economical globalization to cultural integration.It is argued that a new global language should be invented for people from different countries to use for the international communication,which I don’t totally agree with. There is no denying thay/It goes without saying that with a single international language, it will be easier for people from different countries to communicate with each other. This standardization of language promotes a common mode of communication among ethnic groups as well as promoting the efficiency for international affairs both in politics and economy and decrease and diminishes the misunderstanding and the differences caused by culture differences, thus expedite strong international links and regional exchange and accelerate the development of the whole world. Yet,there is a dark side to this picture. The process may be accompanied with the loss of identity and culture of different regions, which cannot be tolerated for most of people who want to protect their ethnic culture. They claimed that the most essential part of language learning is being overlooked, namely due to the fact that by learning another language people change their perspectives upon another culture and upon your own. Language is the carrier of culture. People are actually products of our own cultures. My own experience of learning English will be a good case in point, the concepts and worldviews that are transferred through language are so determining in how we perceive the world that I would almost hope that all Children all over the world were obliged to learn the language of another continent. Therefore, monolingual policy absolutely exerts adverse impact on cultivating identity and loyalty. I therefore plead for more language learning and understanding of other cultures instead of forcing everyone to learn just one artificial language.

范文2 With the development of the society, which has created a host of changes, the globalization, especially in the field of international communication, in recent years, has had more credibility and weight for human beings. It is suggested that a new language should be invented for people from different countries to use for the international communication, which I cannot totally agree with. It goes without saying that a new international language will exert negative effect on individuals as well as the society as a whole. To start with, popularizing a new international language is a time-consuming and least cost-effective. Specifically, in the majority of countries ,which do not take English ,the current international language ,as official language, it is a underlying educational policy to teach adolescents English . Take China as example, pupils begin to learn English when they just enter/attend the primary school. In other words, most young people in China have learn English for over 10 years ; therefore it will be hard to let them to relearn a new international language ,the result of which is expected to be dissatisfactory. Meanwhile , it is unaffordable for some developing countries to publish and print sheer volume of textbook for a new language. In additional , using a new language is likely to bring in convenience and cause disgust in English-speaking countries. As is well known , English-speaking countries account for the largest percentage in the whole world , compared with other language speaking countries and English native speakers ,who do not need to learn other language for all the time . Thus ,letting those people learn a new language for international communication will obstruct the...
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