Employee's Job Satisfaction Regarding Relationship in a Government Organization: a Case Study on Local Government Engineering Department, Bangladesh.

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MBA (Evening Program)
ID: 3-07-11-017
Department of Management Studies
University of Dhaka

1. Introduction

ob satisfaction is very essential in the lives of employees. Every employee works in order to satisfy his needs in life. Adana (1986) remarked that a job or gainful employment is the single most reliable medicine or means of obtaining the fundamental benefits, privileges and satisfactions in the society. These benefits include economic, security, social status, family and social prerogatives, medical benefits, recreational and educational opportunities. Job satisfaction is a set of favorable or unfavorable feelings and emotions with which employees view their work. Job satisfaction is a feeling of relative like or dislike toward something. The nature of work perspective emphasizes employees feeling. The employees’ job satisfaction depends on various work-related variables like job characteristics, task responsibilities, workload, perceived control over procedures, opportunities for mobility within the organization, supervisors behavior who actively assist their subordinates to address job related problems. Every organization is always curious of the level of job performance of the employees. An organization, whether public or private, expects its employees to render a very high job performance. Actually, every employer demands a very high measure of loyalty, patriotism, dedication, hard work and commitment from the employees. These characteristics are indices of the employees’ measure of job performance.

1.1 Origin of the Report

The report has been prepared as a partial requirement of the course of Business Research. Different groups among the students of this course were formed. Several arenas regarding job satisfaction were identified like- Company policy and administration, Relationship, Compensation, Recognition/achievement, Responsibility, Advancement, Growth (own), Work condition. A focus group discussion was performed to finalize a set of standard questionnaire regarding the research topic. In this study our segment of concern was to determine the Relationship related job satisfaction inside our workplace.

Job satisfaction has much influence on behavior of people at work. It not only influences their efficiency and productivity but also affects the whole range of employee-management relationship. Though job satisfaction has proved to be a topic of enormous academic interest and applied importance in the western countries, yet a very little study has so far been conducted in Bangladesh. In an attempt to examine the job satisfaction, a case study on thirty mid-level executives of LGED has been performed.

1.2Problem Statement and Purpose

The study was conducted as an attempt to collect data on selected dimensions of job satisfaction and to analyze the same with a view to measure the degree of job satisfaction of the employees regarding their relation with peer, subordinate and superior in a government organization vis-à-vis Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Bangladesh.

In addition to that the other objectives of the study are:
I) To measure central tendency for different dimensions

II) To measure degree of job satisfaction for different parameters regarding employee relationship

III) To identify employees’ attitude towards their boss, peers and sub-ordinates

IV) To establish a hypothesis on the relation between employees’ attitude and job type (permanent/ad hock) and test the same.

1.3 Scope of the Report

The report covers a narrow array of information and enumeration. It focuses only on the existing boss-subordinate relationships in the organization, which might be termed as the partial determinants of job satisfaction. Samples are chosen mostly from the...

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List of Respondent
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