Engineering and Dear Friend

Topics: Engineering, Economic development, Engineer Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: July 15, 2012
My Dear Friend,

I am in receipt of your affectionate letter. It is always a pleasure for me to hear form a dear friend like you, whom I have not met for such a long time. My dear, when do you intend to your own loving friend?

You have asked me about my dreams and ambitions. Every person has his own desires, and his own aims for the future, some people run after worldly wealth. They become doctors so that within only a few years they may have cars and big “kothies”. Others are ambitious for position and power. They try to seek Government jobs and become I.A.S. officers. I, for one, have no such ambitions. My ambition in life is to become an engineer and serve my motherland in that capacity.

There are various reasons for having engineering as my ambition in life. I feel that as an engineer, I would have greater opportunities of serving my motherland than in any other capacity. India has been on the road to economic development for the last fifty years. Much has been done, but much more still remains to be done. Our economic development has not been as rapid as it should have been. It is mainly the birth of qualified engineers that has held back the progress of the country. Late Mr. Nehru was never tired of emphasizing the urgent need of engineers for the country. So, I feel that I should be an engineer and do my bit for my nation.
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