English Language; Development of Language

Topics: Linguistics, Grammar, Language acquisition Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: August 26, 2013
* Occurs at the age of 5-7 months.
* Experimenting with sounds, producing large number of different sounds, many their own creations * Figuring out vocal apparatus, discovering sounds that are distinctive for their particular language * Sounds will narrow to only the sounds that they hear around them * Intonation patterns are first to be acquired

* Babbling appears to be innate
* Occurs at around 12-18 months
* Infants discover sounds relating to meaning and start to use the sounds in expressive ways * They might acquire language all in the same way in the end, but there is considerable variation in details along the way * Capable of producing approximately 50 words

* Capable of distinguishing phonemes long before they can produce them * They are able to understand a lot more than the 50 words they can produce. TWO WORD UTTERANCES
* 18-14 months
* Generate an exuberance of new words, combining them in 2 word utterances * Only include open content words, and no function words
* Missing grammatical bits and pieces, interpretation will depend on syntax * Location phrases are: Object/Person + Location
* Action utterances: Agent + action OR Action + Patient
* Children are being creative, they do not purely mimic utterances they hear around them. TELEGRAPHIC
* Around 24-30 months
* Jumps straight from the 2 word stage to the multiword stage * Children sound as if they are reading a telegram
* Function words and morphemes are still lacking
* The utterances have a clear hierarchal structure but not yet of the adult grammar * First inflection to emerge is –ing
* With the plurals not far behind, (-s, -es, ‘s) and simple prepositions also occur at this time * Children’s vocabulary expands rapidly, development is explosive

Nativist Approach
Children are born with an innate capacity for language development, that is, learning language is...
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