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LING 160 Guidelines for Exam 2
Exam Date, Time, and Room #
Exam 2 is on Thursday, March 28, 2012, room #3310, at 2:30 p.m. It will be about one hour long.

Exam Format
Mostly multiple-choice questions and a few open-ended, short-answer questions, like exam 1. We’ll have between 45 and 50 questions total. Unless stated otherwise, provide short, bullet-like, answers to the open-ended questions including only the relevant information and skipping unnecessary parts. For example, do not write “I believe that one of the most important factors for XXX is…”; just provide the most important factor(s), and do not exceed the space provided. If you have one line for an answer, do not write more than that. There will be deductions for lengthy answers.

What to Bring
Your SFU student ID, a pencil and an eraser for the Scantron Sheet, and a non-erasable blue or black pen for the open-ended questions.

General Guidelines
 Practice doing the exercises in the text. Answers for most of them can be found at the end of each chapter.  Though exam 2 will mostly cover the material discussed after exam 1, exam 2 will be cumulative. It will cover everything up to and including week 9, i.e., Chapters 1-10 from the textbook, including Ch. 10 “Style, Context and Register”, and the accompanying articles from the Reading List.  Focus on main ideas and key examples supporting them.  You do not have to memorize every single example in the textbook chapters and articles from

every language. However, you do have to know the definitions of major terms, their application, and be able to provide examples illustrating the terms discussed in the texts and in the lectures. 1

LING 160/Dr. Ivelina Tchizmarova March 14, 2013

What will the Exam Cover?
Textbook: It will cover Ch. 1-10, including Ch. 10 from the textbook. Articles: It will also cover the articles from the reading list up until and including week 9’s readings on Style, Context, and Register (see the Reading List)....
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