Explain Three Political Functions of Pressure Groups

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Distinguish between elitism and pluralism
Elitism: is the belief or attitude that some individuals, who form an elite or a select group of people with intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes and are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight, whose views and/or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole or whose extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern. Pluralism: is, in the general sense, the acknowledgment of diversity. The concept is used, often in different ways, in a wide range of issues. In politics, pluralism is often considered by proponents of modern democracy to be in the interests of its citizens, and so political pluralism is one of its most important features. The term pluralism is also used to denote a theoretical standpoint on state and power - which to varying degrees suggest that pluralism is an adequate model of how power is distributed in societies.

Explain three political functions of pressure groups

- A political function of a pressure group would be to promote discussion and debate and mobilise public opinion on key issues, this function is mainly to increase main stream democracy amongst the people and ensure that people are not only heard by each other but by the government as well, this in turn could allow the pressure group to influence key policy decisions so that they favour the public and to also allow everybody who supports there cause to educate each other one way or another. - One other political function of a pressure group would be to represent different groups in society this is an important function of pressure groups. They represent different groups in society or people’s views over a particular issue. These ideas get transmitted to government, in the hope that decisions will be made which take account of the...
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