Facti Gabernaculum Et Vita

Topics: Government, Official, Law Pages: 6 (2119 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Facti Gabernaculum et Vita
This are, the incontrovertible truth(s) people, have to know. However, the issue that I chose to discuss has rather lapse the time of freshness in the people’s mind to give their reaction and sentiments pertinent to the anomaly wherewith a governmental institution is involved, pabaun and pasalubong system, primarily because of the plurality of issues arising. Causing clogged dockets in the judiciary specifically, in every courtroom. Issues like corruption, a public official malversating government coffers, deprivation of the constitutional and civil rights of the people, which is inalienably and imprescriptibly inherent from the point of their existence, etc., etc., etc. If the facts are against you pound on the law, if the law is against you pound on the facts, if both are against you pound on the table. Perhaps pounding on the table is the excellent thing mala fide officials of the AFP officials should do because both the facts and the law do not favor them for their indecent and unethical act. Pabaun and pasalubong system has become the accepted custom adopted by AFP, which has been overlooked by the government, or perhaps the government were not doing anything to preclude this act if not to eradicate it for they might be one of the primary benefactors thereof. There are laws that assured strict penalties for the violations of the provisions contained therein. Nevertheless, how is it that this illegal, unprofessional, and corrupt act such as the pabaun and pasalubong system still takes its toll? Where is the fairness in the legislated laws? Why is it that our laws are only prosecuting and grinding the poor ones of whom some are innocent and acquitting the rich notwithstanding the felonious offense they have deliberately committed which is a direct blasphemy of the authority of the law and the government promulgating the same? Ultimately, does the law countenance the custom they are following? They often claimed that they are agents of democracy, who will defend the rights of the people and will hold themselves accountable to the people who gave them their votes. Filipinos? Whom they have dispossessed of truth to act in accordance with the dictates of their reason and not being governed by the opinion that politicians had injected into their minds through the magniloquence of their speech although inherently nonsensical?

Facti Gabernaculum et Vita
Filipinos kept on voting for them yet in the end they will regret and will give a sigh ooh! Huh! Why did I vote for this senator, this congressional representative, this mayor, this governor so on and so forth. We bear half of the responsibility why this thing happened and therefore has become the contributory accomplice for the evil machinations of this corrupt public officials to reach its crescendo and consequently affecting the economic, social and, political stability of the government and nation. Sometimes we are being defrauded because we let aesthetics overwhelm our moral, wise and, pragmatic judgment. And do not pay much attention to the other because it does not appeal to our senses. This is the thing that is happening in our society we vote for who is famous, for who is handsome and beautiful, for the wealthy. And disregard the ones who can actually make a change in our society which has been stuck into a great complacency, decadence and, moral decay. Rabusa One of the AFP official opted to disclose the information regarding the pabaun and pasalubong system, who are the persons involve therein, how much money or AFP’s fund they benefited. Therefore, during the Senate committee hearing he alleged that Reyes got P50M in send off money, he said that they piled up the cash on Reyes’ desk and that it was a huge pile of money, too much to carry (imagine, that is 50,000 pieces of P1,000 bills!).  Because of the amount of money, Rabusa suggested to his boss and to Gen. Reyes that they convert the money into US Dollars so that it would be...
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