Factors Favoring in Second Language Acquinist Learning

Topics: Linguistics, Second language acquisition, Language acquisition Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: July 9, 2013
The crucial factors for efficient language learning with details are: 1. Motivation
2. Regular practice
3. Emotional involvement
4. Playfulness and willingness to make mistakes
5. Humble approach – The basic first
6. Grammar is secondary to practice, theory is secondary to practice. 1. Motivation
Turns out that the more you are motivated toward learning the faster and better you will learn. This seems obvious but the crucial point is that to be motivated you have actually to believe that you can learn the language, and that you can learn it pretty quickly.  

2. Regular practice
It is better to practice the language every day 20-30 minutes than 2 hours 2 times a week. Regular practice it is very much linked to other factors such as time management and motivation.  
3. Emotional involvement
Our memory can retain much better information that is associated with strong emotions and more than one sense. For example, associating the sound of a word with images and smell could be more effective than just reading the word on a dictionary. One important factor is that a person memory may have preference for one of the senses. Therefore, discovering what is your favourite sense for memory retention can be highly useful to decide how to learn languages.  

4. Playfulness and willingness to make mistakes
When we are bored we do not learn. When we are having fun we are more receptive. This is one of the reason why boring language school is usually very ineffective. I think that is also important to not worry about sounding a bit ridiculous during the first months speaking a foreign language. Willingness to make mistakes allows you to improve by getting feedback on what are you doing wrong and how to fix it. A playful approach to language learning can be highly rewarding because allows you to say anything and without having to worry too much about it.  

5. Humble approach – Starting from the basic
We learn better when we interiorize very well some...
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