Factors Influence Population at Both a Local and Global Scale.

Topics: Population density, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: October 7, 2008
Population in the world is not evenly distributed thanks to myriads of factors. Take Eurasian Plate and Antarctic Plate as example, the Eurasian Plate is much more densely populated than the Antarctic Plate. Even in a country, population is not evenly distributed too. The factors which influence population at both a local and global scale will be elucidated as follow. There are over ten major factors affecting population density. For the physical factors, low land which is flat (e.g. Ganges Valley) is densely populated while high land with rugged relief and high plateau is sparsely populated (e.g. Himalayas). Areas rich in resources (e.g. minerals, oil, wood, fishing etc.) tend to tend to have higher population density (e.g. Western Europe) while areas with few resources tend to have lower population density (e.g. The Sahel). areas with temperate climates tend to be densely populated as there is enough rain and heat to grow crops (e.g. China) and areas with extreme climates of hot and cold tend to be sparsely populated (e.g. the Sahara Desert). Moreover, areas of grassland tend to have more densely populated then areas with dense forest or desert. Also, deep, humus-filled soil favors farming and attracts people living in areas with humus-filled soil (e.g. the Pairs Basin) but areas with thin, frozen and leached soil (e.g. Nepal) distract people living in. Furthermore, places with reliable water supply (e.g. northern England) attract people to live in and places lacked a permanent water supply cannot support many people living in. Places which are initially relatively disease- and pest- free are more densely populated and vice versa. For the human factors, countries with stable governments tend to have a high population density (e.g. Singapore) while unstable countries tend to have lower population densities as people migrate (e.g. Afghanistan). Also, groups of people want to live close to each other for security (e.g. USA) and other groups of people prefer to...
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