Family System

Topics: Economic development, Culture, Family Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: September 13, 2013
The Family System

Family members in Western societies like the United States are more individualistic and self-reliant. Adult children are financially independent from their parents. They are free to pursue their economic inclinations anywhere. Considering the security of the parents, their family obligations are minimized. Unlike in the less developed countries, especially among Asians, the children have to take personal care of their poor old parents.

An extended family system, which is common in the Philippines and other developing countries, is good in the sense that there is unity, and the welfare of the old and the young members are protected by the stronger adult members, usually the eldest sons. However, it has dominant features, which are not favorable to economic development. For example, many married children live with their parents. In case their parents can afford to support them, the children are likely to lose their self-reliance. They do not work hard and just depend on their parents. In facts, not a few young men have the courage to marry even if they are jobless because they have their parents will take care of them in the meantime—or even for many years.

Another, close family ties hamper labor mobility, and the choice of better economic opportunities. Their grandparents or parents do not like their children to work in far places, especially if they are women. As obedient children, they follow the wishes of their old folks. However, there are exceptions in the case of Ilocanos and Visayans. They are courageous adventurers. They are willing to work in any part of the world. In the remotest barrios in the Philippines, almost always you can find an Ilocano public school teacher.

Likewise, the family obligations of the children to their parents and younger brothers and sisters have been a part of culture. The unmarried older children especially have an obligation to support their old parents, and the younger siblings. Such responsibilities...
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