Final Case Analysis Paper

Topics: Government, Walt Disney World Resort, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 3 (440 words) Published: September 4, 2013
A Brawl in Mickey's Backyard

Roosevelt Calhoun

BUS 250 Corporate and Social Responsibility

Instructor: Jeffery Reece

August 12, 2013

In this paper I will market and nonmarket stakeholders and dialogue between Sun Cal and

Its stakeholders. Market stakeholders are people or companies that conduct financial transactions

with another company (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). The stockholders are directly affected by

housing being built directly across from Disneyland. This might potentially make the experience

less whimsical for the customers reducing the potential profits. The trickle down affect the

housing might have on smaller businesses that rely on Disneyland for their main income will be

adversely affected. It seems as if the Disney World resort mainly cares about their money. A

chance to build homes next to the resort was offered but Disney opposed the offer for some odd

reason. According to one of their workers “They want to make more money, but they don’t care

about their employees” said Gabrielde la Cruz. Some of the workers feel as though the resort

doesn’t care about them. There many workers who had to live in one room apartments with a big

family just because they couldn’t afford anywhere better they had to stay there. The issue in the

case is that many of the employees don’t have affordable housing.

The nonmarket stakeholders are the community, government, media, and non-

governmental organizations (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). The community surrounding

Disneyland benefits from the tourist visiting in their area. This increases revenues in various

businesses. The government benefits from taxes that support their city. The non-government

organizations consisted of businesses in the resort district and some local government officials

the support want to save the resort district from no-tourism projects (Lawrence & Weber, 2011).

The area that Sun Cal wants to build...
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