Financial Environment Worksheet

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Financial Environments Worksheet
Julie Misayvanh
HCS 577
November 3, 2013
Sharon Gomes-Sanders
Financial Environments Worksheet

1. Largo Medical Center

2. Memorial Hospital

3. Blake Medical Center
1. National Jewish Health

2. Mayo Clinic

3. Sutter Health
1. Veteran Affairs

2. Department of Defense

3. City Health Department

Expenses must
be accurate and

Organizations must generate revenue to pay for expenses and daily operations.

All three entities must comply with regulations.

All three entities receive reimbursements from third party payers. Differences

1. Aimed at making a profit.
2. Organization pays taxes.
3. Organization has stockholders.

1. Organization is tax exempt.
2. Organization provide public benefit.
3. Organization has charitable missions.

1. Organization does not have shareholders.
2. Organization controlled by government.
3. Organization insures and provides care to qualifying members. (University of Phoenix, 2014)

University of Phoenix. (2014). Financial Environments Worksheet. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, HCS 577-Financial Management in Healthcare website.
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