Freedom from Summary

Topics: Civil liberties, Government, Form of government Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Freedom From Summary
In Frances Moore Lappe’s essay, “Freedom From and Freedom To,” speaker one argues the many civil liberties we are bestowed with give us freedom from government interference. The speaker argues he is free because there is no one there who can determine what to do with his life; he can pursue whatever he desires, whenever he desires. Speaker one discusses money plays a major role in the aspects of freedom because in his aspect of freedom, “freedom from interference”, the speaker argues the more money one acquire the more worry-free lifestyle you will be living (Lappe, 510) Although financial stability is a big part of being “free” it can not possess every aspect of happiness. Speaker one claims “money is essential to finding oneself” (Lappe, 511)

She states that another beneficial aspect of freedom is our “effective government” and speaker one argues that government is the reason he is safe and sound because if there was no superior power to make and enforce rules, everything would crumble. The best type of government is that which meddles the least amount possible in its people’s lives (Lappe, 510). According to the speaker, the people believe government needs to be minimized to an extent. Everyone assumes so much from the government, and then complain when they think there’s too much power over us argues speaker one. Government shouldn’t intervene with a person’s choices and if it does, it is taking our freedom away (“Freedom From and Freedom To”). Speaker one claims although this superior law is there to protect us, it cannot stop all forms of detriment. There has to be a boundary on how much government is allowed to take over, which means “less responsibilities” (“Lappe, 511) In order for the nation to be ultimately free, the people need to stop relying on government to take on so much responsibility claims speaker one.

Lappe, Frances Moore. "Freedom From and Freedom To." Borzai College Reader. Print....
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