Functions of Government

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Functions Of Government Essay
                           Functions of the government          Government is not operated like an enterprise this is because it has authority over its people and property. In order to ensure that a country is well governed, the government exercises its authority over its people by implementing laws, which people must follow and obey. The government has different functions, which include maintenance of power or authority, ensure National Security, Provide for the public good, Provide services, Resolve conflict, and maintain law and order.        One of the major roles of the government is to stay in power. Government does not surrender its power unless it has been forced to do so. Every government tries to enhance and increase its legitimacy to the governed by trying to identify itself with the earlier traditions with the hope for a better and prosperous future or with the fear of a possible enemy. Some governments utilize means of repression and do not relax their surveillance and vigil against imagined or real enemies or opponents. In addition, governments tend to spread ideological commitments to the entire State via propaganda, patriotic ceremonies, and education. In an attempt to ensure the safety of its people, government employs intelligence collection bodies and the military for the defense of the country. In order to ensure domestic or local order, the prison and police system is used in instilling discipline (MacDonald 54).           Additionally, the government also plays administrative function. In this case, the government realizes the tenets that its citizens must be safeguarded and served. Due to this, the citizens must surrender a degree of personal control to the government in return; the government guarantees them protection of property and life in addition to the delivery of significant services. It is also important to note that governments are mandated in leading and supervising resolutions of warring or...
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