General Context Analysis Oak Knoll Naval Base

Topics: Economic development, United States Navy, Implementation Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Oak Knoll Naval Base
The redevelopment plan for Oak Knoll Naval Base following its previous attempt is set to undergo changes that reflect the changing lifestyles in this middle and low income community. The physical situation of the project in Oakland District in California lays bare some social issues that need to be addressed because of the common feeling that the community has been neglected by the economic policy adopted by government. Although the place is currently dilapidated and the land value is perceived to be low due to the informal establishments from the poor majority, proper planning and face lifting of the base will help to add value so that the developing firm will be more likely to benefit from lending institutions following bankruptcy of Lehman brothers, a partner in the initial development plan. Oak Knoll Naval Base, located in Oakland, California. During the World II, it was a U.S. naval hospital in 1942. The total population in Oak Knoll Naval Base has around 38,000. About 47% is males and 53% is females. The density in Oak Knoll is 4344 Persons per sq. mile. Oak Knoll hospital was built during World War II for the purpose of treating American military personnel who had been wounded in the Pacific theater. In later years it also treated those who had been wounded in the Korean and Vietnam wars. During the Great Depression, the site was a golf course and country club in beforetime. A large main hospital building was started in 1965 and opened in 1968. The base was closed in 1996 in an official Navy ceremony. This building was imploded in 2011. In 2005, Lehman Brothers and SunCal bought the Oak Knoll for $100million. They re-plan into a big community, which consist of shopping center, 960 homes and 50-acre parks. They start to demolish in 2008. However, the Financial Crisis came out and bring them to bankrupt. Therefore, the demolition had to be stopped. In October 2009, SunCal gained $550,000 from Lehman....
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