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Genie lived 13 years of her life in a Los Angeles suburb with her mother, her father and her older brother. When Genie was one, her Grandmother on her father's side died and they all moved into her old house. Her father insisted they leave his mothers room untouched even though this meant they all had to sleep in the living room. All except Genie who was given the back room. This room wasn't furnished or decorated and was away from the rest of the house.

During the day time Genie was kept tied to a potty chair and during the night time she slept in a caged crib, tied into a straight jacket so she could not move around. They did not potty train her, they did not teach her to speak, they did not love her, she had no stimulation whatsoever and she lived this way for 12 years. What's more in order to keep her quiet her father would growl at her from behind the door, like a dog and sometimes he would beat her with a stick….

No talking was allowed at all near the girl. Her older brother was charged with feeding her, but he was not allowed to talk to her. She was given only baby food and ceral.

Genie had other siblings. A sister was placed in the garage when she was two and a half months old because her crying disturbed her father. She died of pnemonia. A brother died when he was two days old from supposedly choking on his own saliva.

Her father believed she was mentally retarded although she was completly normal at birth according to hospital records.

When Genie's mother was 50 and her father was 70, her mother took her and ran away. Her mother was almost completely blind and she went to seek help from social services. This was on November 25, 1970. Social services took one look at Genie and called the police. Genie's parents were charged with child abuse. Her mother went to court and was found not guilty, partly because she eventually took her to get help and partly because she was also subject to abuse by her husband, she was a blind, nervous women...
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