Good Governance

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The Independent Commission for Good Governance in Public Services, chaired by Sir Alan Langlands, worked throughout 2004. Through two rounds of consultation, the Commission drew on the views of a wide range of people with experience of governance, and of service users and citizens, to produce the Good Governance Standard for Public Services.

The Standard presents six principles of good governance that are common to all public service organisations and are intended to help all those with an interest in public governance to assess good governance practice.

The Independent Commission for Good Governance in Public Services was established and supported by the Office for Public Management (OPM®) and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The purpose of the Standard
We intend the Good Governance Standard for Public Services as a guide to help everyone concerned with the governance of public services not only to understand and apply common principles of good governance, but also to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current governance practice and improve it. We hope that the Standard will be useful to governors who are striving to do a diffi cult job better, and to individuals and groups who have an interest in scrutinising the effectiveness of governance. The Standard focuses on the ways different functions of governance can support each other. Governance is dynamic: good governance encourages the public trust and participation that enables services to improve; bad governance fosters the low morale and adversarial relationships that lead to poor performance or even, ultimately, to dysfunctional organisations.

Scope of the Standard
The Good Governance Standard for Public Services is intended for use by all organisations and partnerships that work for the public, using public money. Most of these are public sector organisations whose services are used directly by members of the...
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