Government and Political Leaders

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Governments and Political Leaders
Throughout history the world has seen numerous forms of governments. With each and every type of government whether they are looked at as being good or bad we have gained something even if it was just the knowledge of the way we do not want things be. Also with the different forms of governments we have met different political leaders. Just as with different governments the different political leaders have taught us something as well and even some of the worst political leaders did some good too. One of the oldest forms of government is a monarchy. A monarchy is when you have kings and queens. In a monarchy the leader is the head of state for life. Monarchs ruled the world for a long time. Britten is one of the few states that still recognize a monarch today, but the monarch does not completely rule the state parliament does. The British monarch has also had some of the most successful and most interesting political leaders in history. Queen Elizabeth I was one of Britten’s most influential and beloved leaders. Born of King Henry VIII and Anne Boylen, and because of her very controversial parents she had a shaky childhood. Despite the indiscretions of her mother and the hate she felt from her half-sister she still became an amazing queen. During her time as queen she “saw the advancement of England as a military might, restored the Anglican faith, and ruled her country effectively through council for 45 years in a time when women were still being looked upon as being inferior to men.”(Queen Elizabeth) Queen Elizabeth mad such a mark on history that she became known as “England’s greatest monarch.” (Queen Elizabeth) Although it is rare that we see true ruling monarchs in today’s society they did have a great impact on the history of government. Monarchs also had a huge effect on America’s government, because of their desire to have a government completely free of monarch rule.

This map shows present day monarchies as of...
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