Government Distrust in Constitution

Topics: Democracy, Separation of powers, President of the United States Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Thomas Gordon
Period 3
Distrust in the Constitution
In America, everyone has questions. Some people have questions relating to which restaurant is good or what to wear to school, but other people have questions, better yet concerns, about the faithfulness of our Constitution. One main concern relates to whether or not the Constitution creates a “real” democracy, or just simply appears to be one. Many believe that distrusts can be found in the democracy, in popularly elected legislatures, and in the public, which then lead to the more elite groups to dominate our politics and policymaking systems. In my opinion, our Constitution does indeed allow for this to happen.

The first reason that, I believe, groups can be dominant is through the Electoral College. The Electoral College is in charge of one thing, and that is to induce provision for electing the President. The Framers were said to first discuss the idea of the Electoral College because of their distrust in the people. They thought that if they people had full responsibility in selecting their President, then they could be swayed by mob rule. This was a bright idea by the Framers because it does indeed discard from one specific group from influencing the people’s vote. But is this true democracy? A true democracy takes the input of every citizen and applies it to society. But with the Electoral College, a person’s vote may not be of any use. Yes, every person’s vote is counted and they do count, but the Electoral College gets the final decision. There is a total amount of 538 electoral votes, and in order for a President to be selected, he must win 270 of those votes. That means that this basically disregards the 100 million votes of the people. Now, that is why we have representatives, so that they can represent the political view of the state. But then again, there is no law that requires an Electoral to vote according to the results of the state. So an Elector can go completely against what...
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