Government or Market System

Topics: Health care in the United States, Security, Government Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: October 18, 2013
Use the distinction between private goods and public goods to determine whether the following should be produced (or provided) through the market system (private) or provided by government (public) or maybe both. Remember: This is an ONLINE assignment.

A. Security (police protection and jails)
Creating a safe and secure society and protecting people against major threats to their welfare are important functions of government. This was clear even to the creators of the Constitution, who listed “insure domestic Tranquility,” and “provide for the common defense” as central reasons for establishing our government. They understood that an ordered, peaceful, and secure society is not possible without the constant action of government. From the beginning, our government was primarily concerned with our physical security – ensuring that the country was immune from outside attack, that citizens were safe from criminals, and that they were protected from threats like fire. But as our society has evolved, new threats to the welfare of ourselves and our families have emerged, and people have been able to use government to help deal with these risks and create a more secure society. Citizens have organized themselves into lobbies and political movements that have demanded that the government lessen the serious risks associated with such things as economic depressions, excessive inflation, loss of a job, dangerous workplaces, environmental pollution, lack of health insurance, retirement insecurity, dangerous products, serious illnesses or disability, terrorism, bank failures, investment fraud, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and so on. B. Medical care

Guaranteed universal healthcare would greatly raise quality of living. While some may argue that government healthcare would make the people more complacent and dependent on the state, it would actually "help the people help themselves". Particularly when it comes to long-term, often lethal diseases, such as cancer...
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