Government Policy and Disease Control

Topics: Pandemic, Infectious disease, Epidemiology Pages: 3 (1713 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Government Policy and Disease Control
Recently, with the continuous progress of human, much more attention than ever before that has been paid to globalization, such as global trade, global climate, global travel and so on. Among them, the global disease is a significant thing because health or life is the most important for individuals. What do you think when global disease is mentioned, Black Death, HIV/AIDS or Bird Flu? For me, SARS is unforgettable memory to me because I have personally experienced that disaster. It happened in 2003, and I was in junior high school. Suddenly, I found the word “SARS” appeared in anywhere: newspaper, TV, radio and website. The country was in a panic atmosphere, and people did not want to get SARS because there are people died everyday due to it. Now, I will talk about government policy and disease control during the SARS incident. There is a perception that our government has already solved this problem and controlled the disease well, while a counter argument is that the Chinese government still needs to improve a lot of things. Personally, I am in favor of the latter view because I found the SARS incident was caused by poor government decisions and policies, a lack of preparedness and intervention, and untruthful reporting during the government dealt with this event. Although some people think that Chinese government did well in controlling the SARS, others believe that the Chinese government should improve decisions and policies when they face a sudden infectious disease. Like Fidler who is a professor of Law and Ira C.Batman Faculty Fellow in Indiana University said, “China still looms large in any future confrontation with SARS, raising concerns about China's attitude should the virus and disease return. As a group of public health experts observed, any of solutions to solve the multifaceted puzzle of SARS and to prevent future epidemics must come from China” (190). It is easy to see from the fiddler’s words that China...

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