GR 3 Review Short Answer 1

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GR #3 Review
Short Answer
1. How language teaching methodology has changed historically from the 1900s to the present day? a. Latin was the model for grammar throughout the Middle Ages. When grammarians began writing for vernacular languages, they generally copied the Latin grammars, using the same terms and the same word class. Until the earliest of the twentieth century, the educated class used the method by which Latin grammar was taught as a model for learning language: drilling vocab, verb tenses, and parts if speech. Teachers are expected to know grammar rules and this instruction is widely used today. 2. What are the methods/concepts you would use with your assigned English Language Learner? a. Natural Method: Children initially learn language naturally, and how they do so forms the basis of the natural method. This method mimics the steps that all children go through to learn any language. First, students listen and observe English speakers. Second, students attempt to voice individual words. Third, students turn their individual words into sentences. Practice is important to fully grasp the new language. b. Direct Method: The direct method combines grammatical teaching with the natural method of learning a new language. The teacher uses only the English language, and conducts intensive question-and-answer sessions to teach students their new language. Students are expected to learn more and more of the new language through these question-and-answer sessions, which build on each other. The teacher demonstrates before expecting the students to perform

Chapter 3
a. Grammar Translation
Main goal of instruction is reading and grammar knowledge of the second language. Learning language: drilling on vocabulary, verb tenses, and parts of speech Pros: desirable results are clearly defined/curriculum can be carefully structured and controlled Cons: Students have little choice in what they learn, little contact with actual speaker of the language they...
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