Grammar translation method

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The Grammar Translation Method
The Grammar translation method, or classical method started when people wanted to read literature written in the target language. Its focus was on grammatical rules, the memorization of vocabulary and of various declensions and conjugations, translations of texts, doing written exercises.  Rules of grammar, not the language itself, are all important. Verb declensions are set out tables, vocabulary lists to be learned, leading to translation from mother tongue into target language and vice-versa. There is little or no attention to pronunciation. The learner would acquire the skill of translating in writing from L2 to L1 and vice versa. Speaking the foreign language will play a very little part in the learning process   

There is little evidence to suggest that this faculty is transferable to other walks of life beyond the language classroom This method gives pupils the wrong idea of what language is and of the relationship between languages. Language is seen as a collection or words which are isolated and independent and there must be a corresponding word in the native tongue for each foreign word he learns  Sad to assume that language is only acquired through translation skills In 5 year 'O' level courses, candidate faced over 1000 rules, together with exceptions; in preparation for examination based on translation. Worst effect of this method is on pupil's motivation. Because (s)he cannot succeed - leads to frustration, boredom and indiscipline. Even among more able pupils who may be able to achieve a higher level of success, there is feeling that this is all there is to language learning. Not a rewarding or satisfying activity. Language learning should be fun and bring some joy and pride in achievement with it.  The Audiolingual Method

It is also called the Aural-Oral Method. This method is said to result in rapid acquisition of speaking and listening skills. The audiolingual method drills students in the use...
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