Grammatical Errors in Students Thesis' Abstract

Topics: Linguistics, Second language, United Kingdom Pages: 12 (4270 words) Published: May 1, 2013
(A Study on the Students’ Enhancement in English Grammar)
The main purpose of English teaching at the State Islamic College of Palangka Raya is in order to the students should have some abilities in using of that foreign language that consist of the four language skills:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The most essential of that teaching is stressed on the students’ competence in making of communication by using either spoken or written language. The linguistic competence and performance of course need the other knowledge such as grammar and vocabulary. Grammatical knowledge is not enough, but the most important thing is the real abilities in using of grammar in practicing of that language. One of the real implementation of language skills is writing. In academic atmosphere it can not be denied. For example, thesis of this time is becoming of the final assignment in fulfilling or finishing of the students’ study. In writing a thesis, the students need some conditions: writing principles, grammatical mastery, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuations. Writing is different from speaking. In writing it can not use some expressive of speaking properties. Our body languages can not be used when we are writing. If it is compared by speaking, effective writing needs some conditions that mentioned above. The writers should have good ability in organizing ideas and information, diction, grammar, and sentence structures to create the best style that is suitable with the main topic and the readers’ expectation. The example of grammatical errors made by the student in English thesis abstract  can be seen as follows. Study of Islam Education in Elementary School of Buntoi I, II and III taught by teacher of is non moslem, because in one school of Elementary School of Buntoi I, and III do not have the one teacherwhich believe in the Islam, while for the Elementary School of Buntoi II there is teacher believe in the Islam of but do not teach the Islam Education. Become, all subject taught by teacher of is non Moslem is including Islam education, while in Elementary School of Buntoi II,Islam education taught by teacher is non Moslem although in the school have the teacher believe in the Islam but they teach the other subject. For that problems lifted in this research is; 1) Why Islam education taught by teacher of non moslem in Elementary School of Buntoi I, II And III; 2) How teacher is non moslem teach the Islam education in Elementary School of Buntoi I, II and III?. There by the target of this research is to know why Islam education taught by teacher is non moslem in Elementary School of Buntoi I, II And III; and to know how teacher is non moslem teach the Islam education in Elementary School of Buntoi I, II and III. (Data 20:010 111 0349)

If the student’ writing above is analyzed, so it seems that in the beginning of sentence declares that Study of Islam Education in Elementary School of Buntoi I, II and III taught by teacher of is non moslem… It of course makes misunderstanding to understand it. Why? dictions and passive cases become the main barrier to understand of that sentence. Based on the types of sentences used by the student above, it is known that she did not know how to use the best word that refered to some subjects at school. Study of Islam Educationshould be said the Islamic Education subject, meanwhile the passive voice form in the sentence above was incorrect. The running sentences are dominant in the above sentence. Therefore, the essential messages in the abstract above are not effective to say. The ungrammatical cases are dominant in those sentences. To write needs some conditions in English. The students who have some writing experiences in Indonesian and will write in English, of course they should have good basic writing skill in that foreign language. Indonesian and English system are...

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