Grievance Handling Case Study 8 2

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Executive Summery

The company is a major construction company. Relevant policies are in place but not fully being utilized.

Matilda- employee & complaint
Sheila-Colleague of matilada
Gertrude-Manager of matilda &Sheila
John-Another Manager in the firm
Matilda says Sheila is trying to get her to leave the organization, because her friend can be employed in matildas job .( Abusing &insubordination) Bullying & harassment(dishonesty)
Sheila constantly telling Matilda to leave the place
Not response from Gertrude regarding Sheila
John instruct matilda not to go work.(Insubordination)

Reasons for grievances
Employees issues
Over stress
Lack of participation in managements

I. Describing the nature of the grievances Clearly & fully
II. For this case the independent officer should personally interview Matilda, Sheila, Gertrude and make statements regarding ,How ,when, where ,why and to whom the grievance. III. Establish a solution for the grievance

IV. Check the validity of the solution
V. Apply the solution
VI. Follow up the case.

Recommendations to avoid Grievances

Explain the important grievances handling &discipline procedures to management and employees Giving a sound training to managers to improve employee relations such as communication skills ,listening skills Building coordination between employees and managers

Periodically employees are rotated in to different jobs in various departments depending on the demand Maintain a standard of no personal influence (favor) among staff members Managers are given a awareness programe to educate them with their duties and responsibilities, fail to respond given a disciplinary punishment Aware employees regarding any misconduct will act according to the disciplinary rules and regulations Improve employee team building or skill which are important to work as a team Maintain a employee suggestion /worry box

Giving opportunity employees to personally come and talk their problems with higher managers

Advice for the CEO
Going back to basic
Preventive discipline : Prevent any rule violation, Create self discipline among employees and their by promote them to behave in the manner expected by the organization
Corrective discipline: A disciplinary action taken after breach of of discipline or a misconduct is committed . prevent any future rule violation.
Progressive Discipline :A lenient punishment is specified and thereafter if the rule violation is gradually increasing punishment Aware to take measures of positive apporch

Use the’ HOT STOVE’ model as a standard to maintain work place discipline.

Punishment following act of misconduct should be instant
Employee must be warned about the rules /regulations to be observed and the punishment their will be received. Similar offences should be punished consistently.
Punishment should be the same degree of the punishment should be the gravity of the offence. Punishment should not be personal, irrespective of person ,age ,seniority

Aspects should be covered before a disciplinary action should be taken

Seriousness of the problem
Duration of the problem
Frequency and the nature of the problem
Employees work history
Explanatory factors
Degree of socialization- aware of organization rules & regulations Implication of other employees
Management backing

Going back to contract of employment

aware of Expressed terms- normally stated in contract of employment
awre of implied terms-those not stated but fundamentally you should know

It is important that the employee should agree to give his fullest cooperation the terms & condition which is the contract of employment with employer ,if not the employer has the right to go after employee for any misconduct as stated in the contract of employment

Types of punishment

Oral warning
Written warning
Fine or recovery of damages
Suspension with out pay
Delay wage...
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