Higher Education, or Higher Priced Education?

Topics: Higher education, Education, School Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: October 17, 2008
Nakai S.

Higher Education, or Higher Priced Education?

The Marriam-Webster online dictionary defines higher education as “education beyond the secondary level; especially : education provided by a college or university.“ It's no secret to modern students that a higher education is necessary to advance in their professional life. There is always a cost to advancement and that cost can sometimes create a glass ceiling that is difficult for people in certain social strata to break through. The rising cost of higher education and its requirement for jobs creates a conflict for people in lower economic brackets. While the social value of higher education is difficult to argue against, the problems associated with affording higher education are very real social problems that must be considered. In Western society we have goals we are expected to achieve. At a very early age we begin preparing our children for school. There is no law demanding that children attend a specific school, nor that upon entering adult life they pursue higher education. Children can be home schooled or attend any school of their parents' choosing. However, having a degree of some kind gives one many advantages in America. One who possesses a degree has a better chance of finding a successful money-making career. This, of course, is a crucial step to meeting society’s general standards, and living a life that resembles the ideal. The fact that extensive knowledge like that has become so highly respected reflects well on the values of our culture. Higher education has become the key to social and economic advancement. A well educated person can better process the information in front of them, and this is good for society in general. Those who possess higher-level educations are considered qualified for certain jobs and tasks that others lacking such would not be. Education levels that were once considered necessary only for advancement to the highest levels of society are...
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